Privacy Policy

The operator of hereby informs visitors of the site about personal information practices, about organizational and technical measures taken to protect data, as well as the relevant rights of visitors and their assertion possibilities.

1. Data Manager

Ceumed Kft. (headquarters: Hungary, 1007 Budapest-Margitsziget Grand Hotel IV./6.) is the manager of all data collected from the website.

2. The managed data’s category


  • During your visit on the webpage statistical user data are automatically recorded by Google Analytics. The operator of the website does not connect these data with personal information.
  • The management of the data given to the usage of the website happens with the user’s voluntary consent. Managed data in the case of applying for newsletter: name, e-mail address, telephone number

3. The aim of data management

Data management provides continuous contact between users who use the services of the website and who applied for newsletters; it also serves for public research.

The storage of visitor statistics serves only statistical purposes. The data manager is not using personal data for any purpose other than stated. The management of the data given under these circumstances happens with the user’s voluntary consent. keeps confidential all data and facts related to the users, uses them solely to develop its services, to market advertising space and for personal researches and statistics.

4. Duration of data management

The session IDs are automatically deleted when leaving the website. does not assume any liability for already deleted websites, which might been still saved due to the assistance of Internet search engines.

5. Authorized persons who have access to data, data processors

Only the data management staff has access to users personal data.

Data processors are not giving out personal data to third parties except for those indicated in the data. This does not apply to any statutory, mandatory disclosures, which can take place only in exceptional cases. Before any official data requests each data manager examines if there is a real legal basis for forwarding the data.

6. Rights of users related to personal data handling, data deletion

Providing data indicated in the second part is the user’s choice. The legal basis of data management is the voluntary approval of the users.

Users can ask information about personal data processing. Information can be requested upon mail at the data manager’s address (headquarters: 1138, Budapest, Margit Island, Grand Hotel 4/6), or on e-mail at:

On the same addresses can users request the deletion of their personal data.

In case of inadequate use of the web page’s services, or upon the user’s personal request (at the same contact) all personal data will be deleted. Deletion is performed within 48 hours from the start of the next working day of cancellation requirement.

Data manager’s data privacy registration number: NAIH-68498/2013

7. Enforcement options

Those users who feel that the owner of violated their right to protect personal data can validate their right before civil court, or request the assistance of the Data Protection Commissioner. The detailed legal regulations and obligations related to personal data protection and the public interest in disclosure of data of the Hungarian personal information is included in the 1992. LXIII. Act.

In the process of developing the data protection principles, we used the 1992. LXIII. Act. stating the protection and public disclosure of personal data, and the 1998. VI. Act. about protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data.

9. Other provisions also contains other links to websites. We do not take responsibility over the content and procedures of individual rights used on these websites. reserves the right to change its aspect on the use of personal rights related to data and information while informing its readers and users.