Elimax Anti-Lace Shampoo

The first anti-lice products that kills and protects in one go.

You no longer have to worry about headlice problem. We officially declared war on headlice!

Arm yourslef with Elimax and don’t worry anymore, because Elimax not only destroys headlice and nits, but protects against reinfestation in the meantime.

Elimax kills lice and nits in the hair

Elimax kills lice and nits in the hair

Elimax® consists of a specially developed oil that does two things:

  • kills lice and nits through suffocation
  • dehydrates and shrivels the skin of lice and nits

Protects against new lice

Elimax® contains an LPF® factor that makes the hair lice-unfriendly in three ways:

  • neutralizes the charge of the hair making it more difficult for lice to move from head to head
  • lice-repellent odour(2) that smells pleasant to humans
  • unsuitable hair structure(2) causing lice to avoid the treated area and refrain from laying eggs there.

Further Informations

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