Medimento Foot Balm

For rough, dry and cracked heels and feet. New Zealand manuka honey is a natural humectant, meaning it hydrates and draws moisture into the skin – leaving heels comfortably moisturised and beautifully smooth.
Suitable for diabetics.

Medimento heel and foot cream can be used to treat dry,and cracked feet that accompany diabetes. Diabetic feet are very often dehydrated (82.1% of diabetics suffer from this problem, which is characterized by red, cracked or itchy skin). Lack of water is caused by poor peripheral circulation, making the skin dry and scaly. Early treatment of cracked corners can lead to a significant reduction in complications, and failure to do so can even lead to amputation.

Medimento heel and foot cream contains 25% urea, which improves the hydration of the skin by increasing the water absorption of the skin layer and the water-binding capacity of the cornea layer. By acting as a urea barrier and increasing the capacity of the skin, urea has been shown to reduce water loss through the skin.

New Zealand manuka honey not only has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, but it also regenerates, restores and protects the skin and has a wound healing effect.

  • 25% urea based, nourishing formula
  • It makes the foot smooth, soft and perfectly hydrated
  • Also suitable for diabetics