Natural comfort for dray dry nasal passages for the whole family.

When you breathe through your nose you automatically filter out dust and pollution. You might not find that your breathing is impaired when your nose is dry, but you’ll certainly notice irritation and itchiness in the nose. And at the same time you’ll find a build up of dry, itchy deposits. These can impair the mucociliary function, meaning that the defence mechanism protection your nose hairs and nasal mucous provide is reduced. Once your nose starts to itch, it’s inevitable that you’ll start rubbing or even picking it. But did you know that 70% of the cold and flu germs that enter our body do so as people rub or pick their noses? So if you can avoid a dry and itchy nose you might also avoid the flu. Nozoil is a natural, sesame oil-based spray that lubricates andsoothes the nasal passages, eliminating itchiness, preventing the formation of dried nasal mucuos and helping support your body’s natural defences against flu. Nozoil gently lubricates the nasal passages, reducing dried nasal mucous, eliminating itching. Do not use NOSKO OIL if you are hypersensitive (allergic) to sesame oil. Use it carelfully during pregnancy or lactation.


Sesame oil (chemically pure), Ph. Eur. 100%, 10ml.