Nosko Nasal Aspirator With Soft Suction Head

Safe nasal aspirator with soft and flexible suction head which can be attached to a vacuum cleaner.

  • Because this nasal aspirator vacuum is based on the most efficient vacuum technology.
  • Because the structure of this nasal aspirator vacuum is ideal for infant nasal suction.
  • Because it effectively and quickly removes mucus from the nasal cavity.
  • Because this nasal aspirator vacuum can be used both for infants and adults.
  • Because it can be taken apart, therefore it is extremely easy to clean and sterilise.

The advantages of soft suction head

  • there is much gentler on newborn’s sensitive nose
  • simple to sterilization
  • does not contain harmful substances (BPA free)
  • made of flexible material to fit even better
  • it provides a safe and comfortable use
  • heat-resistant, easy to clean