Ceumed Baby Cradle Cap Gel

It can be used for the natural and gentle removal of crusty dandruff of seborrhoeic dermatitis.

The prevalence of infant seborrhoeic dermatitis is quite often among babies. Many parents would like to apply gentle methods to remove painlessly but effectively the crusty dandruff from their child’s head.

The Ceumed Baby Cradle Cap Gel contains high quality oils and plant extracts, which – besides their efficiency – calm and soothe irritated skin.

The gel gently dissolves the yellowish oily patchy scales (dandruff), which after a short time can be easily and completely removed with water, without using shampoo.

Innovative formula

The Ceumed Baby Cradle Cap Gel is a new, innovative oleogel formula. The oily gel containing natural plant extracts should be applied to the affected dry skin with dry fingers. Without added water it loosens the crusty dandruff – gently and painlessly. A few drops of water turn the oleogel into an emulsion that can be easily rinsed off with water.

1. Within a short time it loosens the yellowish-white oily patchy scales (dandruff) on the head of the newborn. 2. Applying the product to the dry scalp loosens the dry flakes.
3. After the appropriate application time with the help of a few drops of water the oil-sebum mixture becomes a water-soluble emulsion. 4. After rinsing with plenty of water the baby’s head is clean and neat again having a pleasant smell.

How to use

1. The gel is applied to the affected dry skin with dry fingers. 2. The persistence of the scaling will determine how long to apply the gel: depending on dandruff tenaciousness incubate for a few minutes, if necessary overnight.
3. After the appropriate application time apply a few drops of water at a time and distribute with a circular movement. This will create an emulsion. 4. Finally, rinse the emulsion with plenty of clear lukewarm wate

Ceumed Baby Lipo Product Range

Ceumed Baby Lipo Cream can soothe skin dryness caused by atopic dermatitis as well. Promotes rapid balancing of the skin’s loss of lipids and water thanks to its high lipid content. Active ingredients forming a micro-layer on the surface of the skin rebuild the skin’s natural hydrolipid layer – re-establishing the skin’s barrier function – thereby protecting the skin from dehydration. The glycerine contentincreases the water content of the skin, in this way contributing to the appropriate hydration of the skin.


Ceumed Baby Lipo Bath – 200m


Ceumed Baby Lipo Balm – 200 ml


  • because its use every day helps appropriate hydration of dry, sensitive skin;
  • because its lipids nourish the skin;
  • because this speeds up skin regeneration, re-establishing the skin’s barrier function;
  • because its glycerine hydrates the skin;
  • because this can make the treatment more effective, and reduce the duration of steroid treatment;
  • because it does not contain urea, which can cause a stinging, burning sensation;
  • because it does not contain perfumes or colouring;
  • because it is paraben-free;
  • because it is tested on sensitive skin and Ceumed Baby Lipo Cream is clinically proven effective.

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