Ceumed Baby Lipo Bath

For the treatment of dry and very dry, cracked skin.

Gently cleansdry, sensitive skin prone to allergies.

  • caprylic acid and caprin acid triglycerides promote rebuilding of the epidermis hydrolipid layer and intensively nourish the skin
  • shea butter protects the skin from dehydration and maintains its suppleness
  • paraffin oil prevents water loss from the deeper layers of the skin, forming a thin protective layer on the surface of the skin
  • does not contain paraben, artificial colouring or perfumes
  • clinically tested on sensitive skin

Ceumed Baby Lipo Product Range

Ceumed Baby Lipo Cream can soothe skin dryness caused by atopic dermatitis as well. Promotes rapid balancing of the skin’s loss of lipids and water thanks to its high lipid content. Active ingredients forming a micro-layer on the surface of the skin rebuild the skin’s natural hydrolipid layer – re-establishing the skin’s barrier function – thereby protecting the skin from dehydration. The glycerine contentincreases the water content of the skin, in this way contributing to the appropriate hydration of the skin.


Ceumed Baby Lipo Bath – 200ml

General Skin Care

Ceumed Baby Lipo Balm – 200 ml

Why Ceumed Baby Lipo Product Range?

  • because its use every day helps appropriate hydration of dry, sensitive skin;
  • because its lipids nourish the skin;
  • because this speeds up skin regeneration, re-establishing the skin’s barrier function;
  • because its glycerine hydrates the skin;
  • because this can make the treatment more effective, and reduce the duration of steroid treatment;
  • because it does not contain urea, which can cause a stinging, burning sensation;
  • because it does not contain perfumes or colouring;
  • because it is paraben-free;
  • because it is tested on sensitive skin and Ceumed Baby Lipo Cream is clinically proven effective.

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Caring for dry skin – Handy tips

  • Make sure that your child spends just a little time in the shower or bath. When the skin is soaked for a long time, its fatty barrier layer is washed off.
  • Bathe your child in cool water and avoid excessively warm or hot water because this dries out the skin.
  • Do not rub your child with a towel after bathing, instead use a soft, absorbent cotton textile to soak up the water.
  • After washing, it is essential to use a special hydrating body lotion, even several times a day. Where skin is very dry, use a cream for even more intensive skin care.
  • The bath or shower should be in the evening so that the skin can replenish its protective oils during sleep.
  • Make sure that your child’s fluid intake is sufficient.
  • Children need an adequate quantity of fruit and vegetables in their diet to ensure they receive the proper vitamins.
  • During winter, take special care that the humidity of the home is kept at the right level.
  • Place water evaporators next to the radiator or fireplace in heated rooms, or use a humidifier; leave the bathroom door open when having a shower or taking a bath.
  • When the weather is cold and windy, take particular care to protect your child’s skin with gloves and a scarf so that as small an area of skin is exposed to the cold as possible.
  • Avoid clothes made from synthetic textiles, use cotton clothing instead.
  • Regularly trim your child’s fingernails to reduce the damaging effects of scratching on the skin.