Nosko Hemo stops nosebleeds in moments.

Easy-to use, safe and effective gel treatment that stops nosebleeds. Dry nose, blowing nose, allergies, stress, injuries, susceptibility – These all can lead to nose bleeding. Those who often suffer from nose bleeding, probably already tried million ways to cure it at home. The effectiveness of these home treatments varies. NOSKO HEMO can be safely used by everybody, and it stops nose bleeding in minutes.


Purified water, Glycerol, Glycin, Hydroxiethycelluloze, Methyl parahydroxy benzoate E218, Citric acid monohydrate, Potassium sorbate E202, Calcium chloride dihidrate. Nosko Hemo is an easy-to use, safe and effective gel treatment that stops nosebleeds in moments. The gel applies gentle pressure to the blood vessels and aids coagulation to stop the bleeding quickly. Place the tip of NOSKO HEMO tube into the nostril, squeeze until the flow of blood stops.

The gel should be left in your nose at least 30 minutes. The gel will gradually disappear, directed away by the cilia hair. Adults and children from the age of two years.